Find Thai Cuisine That’s Different From the Norm at Malakor Thai Isaan

It’s pretty easy to find different global cuisines in and around Coral Gables, but regulars at Malakor Thai Isaan say there’s nothing else quite like this place. It’s a Thai restaurant that specializes in fare from the northern regions of Thailand, which means that you may find a number of unfamiliar items on the menu.

If you’re usually a fan of pad Thai, for example, here you might order pad mee ko-rad, which uses the same flat rice noodles and shrimp with a different flavor profile. Interested in trying some of the house-made sausage? Consider an order of sai aur, made with the kitchen’s secret spice mix. If you’d rather order something familiar, you’ll be able to find a number of standard Thai dishes on the menu, including drunken noodles and panang curry. Finish your order by choosing your meal’s spice level on a scale from 1 to 7 to create a truly personalized experience.